In einem Jahr arbeiten ca. 200-300 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter (wissenschaftlich / nicht-wissenschaftlich) am Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte (MPIWG). Diese Liste enthält alle Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter sowie Gäste, die im laufenden akademischen Jahr am Institut tätig sind. Die Aktivitäten der Abteilungen und Forschungsgruppen werden unterstützt durch die Verwaltung (geleitet von Katja Henning-Hofmann), die Bibliothek (geleitet von Esther Chen), vom Leiter Kooperationen und Kommunikation (Hansjakob Ziemer) und den Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern der Forschungs-IT (geleitet von Kim Pham) und dem IT-Support (geleitet von Thomas Ebner).

Einen Überblick über die wichtigsten Statusbezeichnungen von Forschenden am Institut finden Sie hier.


Lise Meitner Research Group Leader (1 Jan 2020-30 Sep 2025)

Dr., professor (University of Oslo)

China in the Global System of Science

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Mar 2024-30 Sep 2025)

Visiting Scholar (1 Nov 2023-30 Apr 2024)


Premodern History of Signification: Putting Experiences into Words, Images, and Signs

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (2 Jan 2017-31 Dez 2023)


Making Euclid Practical: The Impact of Practical Geometry on the Euclidean Tradition in the Sixteenth Century

International Office Administrator


Visiting Scholar (5 Sep 2022-30 Sep 2025)

Prof. Emeritus

Historicizing China’s Climate Change Science

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Aug 2023-31 Jul 2025)



Visiting Scholar (1 Nov 2022-30 Sep 2023)

Thermal Practice

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (15 Feb 2023-30 Jun 2024)

Erfassung der Psyche und Einhegung von Körperlichkeit: Die Geschichte apparativen, psychologischen Testens und das Verhältnis von Hand- und Kopfarbeit

Visiting Scholar (1 Jan 2019-31 Dez 2024)

The Codex Ashb. 361 (Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Florence, Italy) and the manuscript O (Biblioteca Panizzi, Reggio Emilia, Italy): From Leonardo da Vinci’s Codices to Giovanni Battista Venturi’s studies

Departmental Assistant (Since Jul 2023)

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Jan 2024-31 Dez 2025)

Research Scholar, IT Architect (Since Mai 2017)

MRes, MSc, MA, BSc

Research IT

Director (Since Jul 2022)


Knowledge Systems and Collective Life

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (3 Jul-22 Sep 2023)

“Arsenic Valley”: Cultural Histories of Environmentalism and Computing

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (11 Jan-31 Aug 2024)


Special Collections and Institute’s Bibliography

Editorial Assistant (1 Feb 2022-30 Sep 2025)

Affiliated Scholar (10 Sep 2021-30 Sep 2024)


The Evaluation of Diagnostic Tests Over the Twentieth Century

Visiting Scholar (1 Feb 2024-31 Okt 2026)

Research Group Leader (1 Nov 2017-31 Jan 2025)


MPRG Historical Epistemology of the Final Theory Program (MPFG Historische Epistemologie der Suche nach der Weltformel)

Visiting Scholar (1 Aug 2019-31 Dez 2025)


Astro-particle Physics 1970s — Early 1980s: Investigating the Patterns and Dynamics of the Emergence Process


Copyright Clearance, E-Books, Image Requests

Media Officer (Since Apr 2020)


Multimedia Production, Video and Audio Communication

Predoctoral Fellow (1 Jun 2020-31 Mai 2024)

Internationalization or Centralized Control? Managing International Research Cooperation with Chinese Characteristics

Predoctoral Fellow (1 Mai 2022-30 Apr 2025)

Assessing Certainty without Certainty: On the Use of Technical Tools for Assessing the Methodological Quality of Biomedical Research Data and its Role in the Emergence of Scientific Dissent

Digital Content Curator (15 Sep 2022-14 Sep 2024)

Digital Content Curator Working Group 'Visualization and Material Cultures of the Heavens' in Abt. III

Visiting Scholar (2 Jan 2023-31 Dez 2025)

Prof. Dr.

Itineraries of Astral Imagery and Their Economic Contexts Between 500 BCE and 1500 CE

Predoctoral Fellow (1 Okt 2023-31 Mar 2027)

Women in British and American astronomical fieldwork in the nineteenth century

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Aug 2023-31 Jul 2025)

The Evolution of Culture: Laboratories and Legislatures in Illiberal Hungary

Research Scholar (1 Jul 2023-30 Jun 2026)

Making sense of the environs: exposure as epistemic action

Data Analyst (1 Dez 2023-30 Sep 2025)

Departmental Assistant (1 Jun 2020-30 Sep 2025)


Research Scholar (1 Nov 2022-31 Mar 2024)

Thema: Maschinelles Lernen in und für die Archäologie


Visiting Scholar (1 Apr 2021-31 Mar 2024)

Prof. Dr.

Datenschutzkoordinatorin, Data Security Coordinator (Since Jan 2024)


Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (10 Jul-31 Okt 2023)

Research Scholar (Since Jan 2002)


Research IT

Head of Library


Senior Research Scholar (Since Jan 2014)


Visiting Scholar (1 Mar-31 Mai 2024)

Visiting Scholar (19 Jun 2023-30 Sep 2025)

Prof. Dr.

Overseas Development, Foreign Areas and Chinese "World-Writing

Visiting Scholar (1 Sep 2020-30 Sep 2025)


The Reforms of the National Science System of China—Global Models and National Interpretations

Administrative IT, IT Support (Since Jun 2018)

Visiting Student (15 Okt 2023-31 Jan 2026)

Epistemic Everyday Life: A Feminist Analysis of Germany’s Early Modern Printing Business

Visiting Scholar (1 Mai 2020-30 Apr 2024)

Prof. Dr.

Natural Philosophy in the Polemics of the Muslims of Medieval Iberia

Visiting Scholar (16 Jan-31 Dez 2023)


Spaces of Visual Epistemology

Visiting Scholar (1 Okt 2022-31 Aug 2024)


Testing Chemicals and Validating Tests: Regulatory Practices and Politics


Visiting Scholar (1 Jan 2021-31 Dez 2023)


Twentieth-Century Health Diplomacy and Antimicrobial Resistance

Emeritus Scientific Member (15 Jul 1995-31 Jan 2027)

PhD, Professor, Committee on Social Thought, University of Chicago/MPIWG Director 1995–2019

Moral and Natural Orders, History of Scientific Data, Cognitive Practices of Science

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Feb 2023-31 Mar 2024)

Latin-into-Hebrew: Medieval Natural Science across Linguistic Boundaries

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2022-31 Aug 2025)


Postdoctoral Fellow Abt. III - working group "Proteins and Fibers": "Follow the Thread: Entangled Human Tissues and Animal Fiber"

Visiting Scholar (1 Jul 2019-31 Dez 2023)

PhD, Associate Professor, Fine Arts Faculty in Cuenca, University of Castilla-La Mancha

Projekte: 1) Camera obscura interactive database and timeline 2) “In-Camera-Out”, Moving Portraits

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Feb 2023-31 Jan 2025)

The Origin Story at the End of the Universe: On the Problems of Modern Physical Cosmology

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Jul 2023-30 Jun 2024)


Rhône Glacier: A Life in Glaciology

Visiting Scholar (1 Jan-31 Dez 2023)

PD Dr.

Geld – Macht – Wissenschaft. Eine Strukturgeschichte der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

Publication Manager

Predoctoral Fellow (1 Nov 2018-31 Dez 2025)

Definition and division in medieval Latin commentaries on Aristotle’s Historia animalium and De partibus animalium

Visiting Scholar (1 Jan-31 Dez 2024)


Field Allocation Maps in the Popular Ming Dynasty Encyclopedia and their Afterlife

Predoctoral Fellow (1 Nov 2020-5 Feb 2025)

An Interplay between Chinese Traditional Healing and Modern Medicine from the 18th to Early 20th Century

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Dez 2022-31 Aug 2024)

Standardization in Post-War Life Sciences


Head of IT

Predoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2022-28 Feb 2026)

“Usual Suspects” in “Unusual Locations”: Infrastructure, Maintenance, and Expertise in the Late Ottoman Empire (1855–1922)

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Jul 2020-30 Sep 2025)

The Geopolitics of Chinese Arctic Research

Research Officer (1 Feb 2022-31 Dez 2027)

Research Officer / Wissenschaftliche Referentin in Abt. III

Research Technology Officer (1 Jan 2023-28 Feb 2028)

Sphaera Project

Research Coordinator (Since Feb 2024)

Visiting Scholar (1 Nov 2023-31 Okt 2024)


(Un-)Scientific Methods


Visiting Scholar (1 Sep 2022-31 Dez 2025)

Prof. Dr.

Editorial Assistant (Since Okt 2004)


Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Mar-31 Mai 2024)


Nature's place at the colonial museum

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Jul 2021-30 Jun 2026)

Scales of Validity

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (15 Sep 2023-31 Jul 2024)

Fabricating Modern Fibers: Metaphors, Models, and Artifacts in Molecular Biology, 1920-1958

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (16 Jan 2023-31 Dez 2024)

Doctoral candidate at Ruprecht-Karls University Heidelberg Research Fellow at Ca' Foscari Università Venezia in the ERC-project Early Modern Cosmology Editorial Manager for Verum Factum: Studies and Sources on Political Epistemology (EOA book series).

The Unity of Science in the Anthropocene

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Aug 2016-28 Feb 2025)


Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Jun 2023-30 Sep 2025)


Popular Science Representations of Artificial Intelligence Research: Investigating the Values of Doing Science in China

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Apr 2022-31 Jan 2025)

The Classical Age of Quantum Gravity: from Dirac to Wheeler



Interlibrary Loan

Visiting Scholar (1 Apr 2021-31 Mar 2024)


Visiting Scholar (1 Nov 2018-31 Jan 2026)

PhD, Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, London, UK

Transmission of Scientific Knowledge in Old Church Slavonic

Visiting Scholar (1 Nov 2022-31 Jan 2026)

PhD, Professor, Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies University College London

The Survival of Cuneiform Writing and Knowledge of Akkadian (Babylonian)

Visiting Scholar (1 Apr 2023-31 Mar 2024)

Screenscapes: How Formats Render Territories

Visiting Scholar (1 Jan-30 Jun 2024)

Research Scholar (1 Sep 2012-1 Jan 2025)


Popularization of Science and Technology in Postwar Italy

Editorial Assistant (1 Okt 2020-30 Sep 2027)

Visiting Scholar (1 Apr 2022-31 Mar 2025)

Prof. Dr.

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2023-29 Feb 2024)

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Nov 2023-31 Jan 2025)

Historical epistemology and the evolution of the ether

Visiting Scholar (1 Jan 2016-31 Jan 2026)

Prof. Dr.

Computational History of Science

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (15 Jul 2020-30 Sep 2025)

Forging ahead under a Changing Sky: Meteorological Services and Crop Seed Breeding as Climate Change Adaptation in China

Visiting Scholar (12 Jul-15 Aug 2024)

Prof. Dr.

The Politicization of Science in China: A Case Study of Smog Governance

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (20 Aug-15 Nov 2023)

Senior Research Fellow (1 Apr-31 Jul 2024)


Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2023-31 Aug 2026)

Cellulosenitrat: Eine Materialgeschichte der Geisteswissenschaften, 1849–1951

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (15 Nov 2020-30 Sep 2025)

Scientific Journals and the Transparency of Research: From 20th Century to Open Science

Affiliated Scholar (20 Apr 2022-30 Jun 2026)


The Impossible Science: A Critical Sociology of Pain Science

Visiting Scholar (1 Jun-30 Sep 2023)


hat was, who were, and where were yi from 12th- to 16th-century China?

Visiting Scholar (1 Jan-30 Jun 2024)

Visiting Scholar (15 Mai-15 Okt 2023)


Colonialism and Development Studies: A Problematic Relation

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Mai-31 Okt 2023)

Scientific Controversies as a Window to Modeling Processes in the Life

Predoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2022-28 Feb 2026)

Ignorance in the Age of Text: “Ignorant” Readers and Their Reading in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Britain

Research Data Manager (Since Mai 2021)

Dr. , MA LIS

Research Data Manager

Head of Administration (Since Jan 2023)


Research Officer (Since Okt 2022)



Library Systems, Digitization, Reference Management

Emeritus Scholar (16 Jan 2023-31 Jan 2026)

Prof. Dr. emeritus

Geschichte der Physikalisch-Technischen Reichsanstalt

Deputy Head of Communications (Since Apr 2016)


Research Communication; Science and Society; Public Outreach

Predoctoral Fellow (1 Mai 2021-30 Apr 2025)

Premodern Agricultural Knowledge in New Persian

Editorial Assistant (1 Nov 2021-30 Jun 2026)

Visiting Scholar (1 Dez 2016-31 Dez 2023)

Prof. Dr. emeritus

The Italian Abbacus School: Its Background and Its Influence


Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2023-31 Aug 2024)

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Jan 2016-31 Dez 2023)


Visualization and Material Cultures of the Heavens: Image Database Eurasia and North Africa (4000 BCE–1700 CE)

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (24 Nov 2019-31 Mai 2024)


CO2: The Molecular Aluminum Can

Visiting Scholar (1 Feb 2022-31 Jan 2025)

Prof. Dr.


Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2023-31 Aug 2026)

Beyond Leaves: Cultivating Knowledge in Books of Hours (1470–1520)

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2023-31 Aug 2024)

Visiting Senior Research Fellow (1-30 Apr 2024)

Research Scholar (15 Jan 2023-31 Dez 2024)

IT Researcher


Event Recording, Reference Management, Media Library


Interlibrary Loan

Research Group Leader (1 Apr 2021-30 Jun 2026)


Practices of Validation in Biomedical Research

Predoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2022-28 Feb 2026)

The Politics of Music Capturing. Music Information Retrieval and Ethnomusicological Research, 1900–1970

Affiliated Scholar (1 Feb 2020-31 Dez 2025)

Prof. Dr.

The Early History of the Sciences of Earth Systems and Human-Earth Interactions

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Apr 2023-30 Jun 2024)


Reflections on the Reflex: Conceptual Changes in 20th-century Brain Science

Visiting Scholar (5 Feb-4 Apr 2024)

Research Scholar (18 Aug 2014-31 Dez 2025)


Apokalypse Frau? Feminismus, Föten und "Fake News"

Visiting Scholar (14 Nov 2022-31 Aug 2024)

The Cooperation of German and Ukrainian Scientists in Agricultural Research (19th to First Half of the 20th Century)

Research Scholar (1 Jan-31 Dez 2023)


The Max Planck Society and the Internationalization of Life Science Research, During the Cold War and Beyond

Research Group Leader (1 Nov 2018-31 Okt 2026)

Prof. Dr.

Knowledge Ensouled: Premodern Experience of the Natural World

Visiting Scholar (1 Sep 2022-31 Jan 2026)

Prof. Dr.

Alfonsine Astronomers at Work: Computing Daily Planetary Positions, 1330 - 1560


Visiting Scholar (1 Aug 2022-31 Jan 2026)


Applying the socio-epistemic network methodology to the history of recent physical sciences

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (25 Dez 2022-31 Jul 2024)

Open Science in University-Industry Research Collaboration in the EU and China

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2022-31 Aug 2024)


Chinese Theories, Korean Praxis, and Making the Most out of Nature: Cross-Border Science-Making in the Sinosphere

Emeritus Scholar (1 Mar 2006-31 Dez 2024)

Dr., Außerordentlicher Professor an der Freien Universität Berlin

Machine Drawings

Visiting Scholar (1 Feb 2017-31 Jan 2025)


Stephen Hawking's Attempts to Unify Physics (1970s-2010s): A Contribution Toward the Year of Quantum Science

Visiting Scholar (1 Mar 2019-30 Jun 2024)

PhD, Dept. of History University College London

Technologies of Health c. 1450-1750

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Nov 2022-30 Jan 2025)


Rethinking the role of unified field theory for physics

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (10 Dez 2023-10 Dez 2024)

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (15 Feb-15 Jun 2024)

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Apr 2022-31 Mar 2024)


Validating Quantitative Constructs Before the Rise of Construct Validation: Historical and Epistemological Dimensions


Deputy Head of the Library

Acquisitions and Cataloguing

Visiting Scholar (1 Jul 2022-31 Okt 2023)

Prof. Dr.

The Nile and its Major Projects during the Mamluk Period im Rahmen der Working Group: Agriculture and the Making of Sciences (1100-1700) in Abt. III

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Jun 2020-31 Okt 2024)


Epistemologies of craft: The role of material innovation in making colour expertise

Departmental Assistant (1 Mai 2023-30 Apr 2025)

Predoctoral Fellow (17 Aug 2020-16 Aug 2024)

Imaginaries of Artificial Intelligence: Framing Governance in Germany, China, and the US

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (27 Jan 2023-29 Feb 2024)

CorDeep and the Sacrobosco Dataset: Detection of Visual Elements in Historical Documents

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Apr 2024-31 Jan 2025)

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Feb-1 Mar 2024)

Research Scholar (1 Sep 2022-31 Aug 2025)


Representations of Celestial Maps in the Hellenistic World

Visiting Scholar (1 Aug 2023-30 Apr 2024)

Research Software Developer (1 Apr 2024-31 Dez 2025)

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Nov 2021-30 Jun 2026)


Concepts as Technologies

Research Group Leader (10 Jan 2024-31 Mar 2029)

Prof. Dr.

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (15 Okt-30 Nov 2023)

Fundamental Physics and Empiricism. The Plausibility of Cosmic Inflation

External Scientific Member (1 Jun 2020-31 Mai 2027)

Prof. Dr. Emeritus

External Scientific Member

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Jul 2019-31 Dez 2024)

Text and Context in Early Islamic Scholarship: A Ninth-Century Paraphrase of Ptolemaic Astronomy in Al-Farghānī’s Elements of Astronomy

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Dez 2022-30 Nov 2023)

Philip Anderson Against the Big Machines: And How Emergence Made its Way into Physics

Research Program Coordinator (1 Sep 2022-31 Aug 2024)

Dr. habil.

Research Program Coordinator Forschungskoordination für das Projekt "Africa Initiative" (50 %) Forschung zum eigenen Projekt: "Saharan climates, oasis gardens and social insects. A history of “local” science in changing environments" (50 %)


Visiting Scholar (1 Feb 2024-31 Okt 2026)

Executive Assistant

Visiting Scholar (1 Feb-31 Jul 2024)

Research Scholar (1 Sep 2015-29 Feb 2024)


Barren Structures: The Problem of Sterility in the Age of Plenty


Principal Investigator (Since Jun 2005)

Prof. Dr.

Research Group: Data, Media, Mind

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Okt 2022-28 Feb 2025)


A history of ‘Making Things’ in West Africa, 1920-1980: creating meaning making and experience

Research Scholar (1 Sep 2023-31 Aug 2028)


Communities of Reproductive Knowledge

Visiting Scholar (1 Mar 2018-31 Jan 2026)

Prof. Dr.

The Water City: The Political Epistemology of Hydrogeological Praxis

Senior Research Scholar (Since Sep 2017)


Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Apr 2024-31 Mar 2025)


The Photographic Dome of the Yale Clinic of Child Development

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Mai 2023-30 Apr 2025)

From recipients of knowledge to producers: Indigenous peasants’ knowledge and sustainable farming in Peru (1950–2010)

Visiting Scholar (6 Apr 2020-30 Apr 2024)


The dissemination of Sacrobosco’s Tractatus de sphaera


Subject Librarian for Chinese Studies

Chinese Library Material

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Okt 2021-30 Sep 2023)

Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative Project (CDLI)

Visiting Scholar (7 Nov 2022-31 Jul 2024)


The History of the Accademia dei Lincei, 1870-2000

Research Scholar (Since Aug 2014)

PhD, Honorary Associate Professor

IT Support

Research Technology Officer (Since Mar 2021)

Research Technology Officer

Postdoctoral Fellow (7 Sep 2021-31 Dez 2023)


Civilisation and Human/Animal Division in Russian Nineteenth-Century Medical Topographies and Ethnographic Accounts

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2023-31 Aug 2026)

Agrochemical Transformations and their Knowledge Resources in Egypt, 1882–1952

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Aug-31 Dez 2023)

"Servants of Science:" The Making and Unmaking of Chimpanzees as Laboratory Animals in the 20th Century


Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Nov 2023-31 Jan 2024)

Predoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2022-28 Feb 2026)

Science before Nature: An Epistemology of Perspectives in the Commentaries of Cuneiform Scholarly Traditions


Visiting Scholar (1 Mai 2023-31 Jan 2025)

An analysis of the unusual physics creativity in India in the 1920s

Predoctoral Fellow (1 Okt 2023-31 Mar 2027)

Tracing an Epistemic Genre: Premodern Arabic Recipe Collections as Resources of Knowledge

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Feb 2024-31 Okt 2026)

Director (Since Mar 1994)

Dr., Professor, Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

History of Early Modern Mechanics, History of Relativity Theory; Interaction between Cognitive and Contextual Factors in the History of Science

Visiting Scholar (16 Sep 2019-15 Mar 2025)

Professor, Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Nuclear Diplomacy and the IAEA

Emeritus Scientific Member (11 Apr 2022-9 Apr 2027)

Dr., Honorarprofessor für Wissenschaftsgeschichte an der TU Berlin, Dr.h.c. ETH Zürich, MPIWG Director 1997–2014

A Phenomenology of the Experiment

Visiting Scholar (1 Mar 2022-31 Jan 2026)

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2022-31 Jan 2024)

Effective Theories: Past, Present, and Beyond

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Apr 2019-31 Dez 2024)

Symbiotic Worlding: Theories and Practices of Coexistence in Lynn Margulis and Donna Haraway

Visiting Scholar (1 Sep 2021-31 Aug 2024)


Reckoning with Deep Time

Research Scholar (1 Sep 2022-30 Nov 2024)

Knowledge in and of the Anthropocene

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Feb 2022-30 Jun 2025)


Heilkunde oder Philosophie? Die syrische Überlieferung der Medizin zwischen Empirie und Tradition

Visiting Scholar (1 Feb 2018-31 Jan 2025)

Physics in Crisis: A Historical Analysis


Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Okt 2023-31 Mar 2024)

Rare Earth: Gemstones, Geohistories, and Commercial Geography Between Southeast Asia and Europe, c. 1600-1750

Visiting Scholar (16 Jan 2023-31 Dez 2024)

Prof. Dr.

Sylter Austern. Eine tausendjährige multiperspektivische Beziehungsgeschichte von ostrea und homo sapiens

Director (Since Apr 2013)

Dr., Professor, TU Berlin, FU Berlin

Histories of Planning

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Feb 2021-31 Dez 2023)

Die Erwirtschaftung des Anthropozäns? Die Rolle des modernen Wirtschaftens in den Entwicklungsdynamiken zur Entstehung des Anthropozäns: Ursprünge und neue Wege

Affiliated Scholar (1 Jan 2021-31 Dez 2023)


Rethinking East Asian Medicines, 1100 to the present.

Visiting Scholar (1 Feb 2022-31 Jan 2026)

Dr., Professor, Universität Hamburg

1. The Encounter of Two Systems of Knowledge in Seventeenth-Century China, 2. Crisis of Humankind and Scientific Truth: Reflection on Science at the Starnberg Max Planck Institute (1970–1980)

Research Scholar (1 Apr 2019-31 Dez 2023)

Dr. med.

Comparative Epistemology and the History of Clinical Research

Research Scholar (1 Apr 2023-31 Mar 2024)

Dr. phil.

Visiting Scholar (1 Jul 2015-31 Dez 2023)


– Luftfahrtforschung und Okkupationspolitik: Die „Außenstellen“ der Aerodynamischen Versuchsanstalt im europäischen Herrschaftsbereich des NS-Regimes während des Zweiten Weltkriegs – Vergangenheitspolitik der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft –Dual Use-Problematik und militärische Forschung in der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (17 Okt 2022-31 Okt 2023)

NFDI4Objects: Research Data Infrastructure for the Material Remains of Human History

Research Scholar (1 Sep 2020-30 Dez 2023)


Chinese Ideas of Africa in an Age of Global Expansion

Visiting Scholar (1 Jan 2023-31 Jan 2026)

Dipl. Soz.

Bibliometrie in der Wissenschaftsgeschichte

Research Scholar (1 Feb 2018-31 Dez 2023)


Wissensproduktion in der Grundlagenforschung: Eine Sozialgeschichte der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (1948-2005)

Visiting Scholar (1 Mai 2022-30 Jun 2024)

Prof. Dr.

Marc Bloch: The Philosophy of an Historian

Visiting Scholar (15 Mar 2024-31 Aug 2028)

Prof. Dr.

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Apr 2023-30 Sep 2024)


The Use and Reuse of Paper in the Humanities

Academic Coordinator (1 Sep 2021-31 Aug 2028)

Unterstützung der IMPRS-Steuerungsgruppe, Koordination und Organisation der IMPRS-Aktivitäten hins. der Forschung der Doktorand*innen und der administrativen Bedarfe, Integration der IMPRS in existierende und geplante Programme und Aktivitäten des MPIWG u. der universitären Partner

Visiting Scholar (1 Mai 2022-31 Dez 2024)


Transzendente Erfahrungen - Phänomene, Ideen und Urteile


Interlibrary Loan

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Jan-31 Dez 2024)

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2021-31 Jul 2025)

The Evolution of Visual Language in Early Modern Cosmology

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (15 Okt 2023-31 Dez 2024)

The Analysis, Interpretation, and Mediation of History Using Digital Research Methods and Tools. An Investigation into their History-Producing Mechanisms

Visiting Scholar (1 Mai 2019-30 Apr 2024)

Erschließung und Aufbereitung von Dokumenten zur Lehre und Forschung des Göttinger Physikers Robert Wichard Pohl (1884 – 1976)

Rathenau Senior Fellow (1 Feb 2019-31 Dez 2024)


History of Mathematics and Physics (Nineteenth and Twentieth Century), History of Technology

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Nov 2023-31 Okt 2024)

The Other Ancient Egypt. Writing Histories in the Sciences and Humanities of Deep Time, 1800-1920.

Editorial Assistant (Since Jan 2024)

Research Scholar (1 Nov 2021-30 Apr 2024)

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Feb 2021-31 Dez 2023)

A “Fair Trade” of Knowledge? Ipecacuanha as an Example of Practices of Knowledge Exchange Between South America and Europe, 16th-19th Centuries

Research Scholar (1 Aug 2014-31 Dez 2023)


How the Max Planck Society Generated New Knowledge in the Field of Chemistry, Physics, and Materials Science

Research Scholar (1 Sep 2020-31 Mar 2024)


Industrial Catalysis and its Impact on the Human-Earth-System in the Anthropocene

Visiting Scholar (1 Mar 2021-31 Aug 2028)

Prof. Dr.

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2023-31 Jan 2025)

Mathematics or Physics? Idealism and the Development of Unified Field Theory

Visiting Scholar (15 Jul 2020-28 Feb 2025)

Prof. Dr.

The Merton Project: Science and Political Regimes in the 21st Century

Research Program Coordinator (1 Nov 2023-31 Okt 2026)

Editorial Assistant (1 Mar 2020-31 Okt 2026)


Premodern Sciences of Soul & Body

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Aug 2023-31 Jul 2025)

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (15 Nov 2018-31 Okt 2023)


Chinese Climate Knowledge in Local Agricultural Practice: A Study on Yueling and Qihou Discourse in Agriculture Books and Local Gazetteers

Predoctoral Fellow (1 Sep 2023-31 Aug 2026)

Contestation of Knowledge in the Collection and Exhibition of Indigenous Objects by Catholic Mission Museums


Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (15 Okt 2023-31 Okt 2024)

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Mar 2020-30 Jun 2024)

The Coimbra Commentaries' Doctrine of Sense Perception

Research Scholar

Visiting Scholar (1 Mar 2021-31 Aug 2028)

Prof. Dr.

Visiting Scholar (1 Mar 2020-31 Aug 2028)

Prof. Dr.

Research Scholar (1 Mar 2017-31 Dez 2023)

Dr. phil.

History of the Behavioral Sciences, Neuroscience and the Cognitive Sciences (BNC) in the Max Planck Society

Predoctoral Fellow (1 Jan 2023-31 Dez 2025)

The Strange as Knowledge: Collections of the Anomalous and Marvellous within Late-Imperial Leishu (1600-1900)

Research Scholar (15 Jan 2018-25 Nov 2026)


The History of Energy Conservation as Agent of Energy Transition


Research Group Leader (Since Okt 1998)

Dr., Honorary Professor in History of Science at the Technische Universität in Berlin, Professor for Special Appointment, The Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, Faculty of Humanities, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Technology Transfer in Antiquity, Ancient Hydromechanics and Pneumatics, Early modern mechanics, Galileo Galilei, Shipbuilding, Pratolino Garden, Jesuits' Hydraulics, Early Modern Ballistics

Visiting Scholar (2 Aug 2021-30 Jun 2026)


Global Health and Biomedical Research in the Cold War Era

Visiting Student (15 Sep 2023-14 Feb 2024)

Mathematics or Physics? Idealism and the Development of Unified Field Theory

Research Scholar (15 Jul 2016-31 Mar 2024)


Methoden zur Analyse eines Textkorpus

Emeritus Scholar (1 Sep 2018-31 Dez 2024)

Dr., Honorarprofessorin HU Berlin

History of Mathematics and Science in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, esp. in Germany; Women in Science

Research Scholar (1 Jan-30 Nov 2023)

PD Dr.

Moving Back into Laboratory: Responsibility and Economisation of the Life Sciences in the MPG (1948-2000)


Visiting Scholar (15 Aug-15 Dez 2024)

Prof. Dr.

Science and State Power: Histories for an Anthropogenic Age

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (1 Jul 2023-30 Sep 2025)

Number Governance: The Institutionalization of Journal Metrics in the Chinese Science Assessment

Visiting Scholar (1 Apr 2021-31 Aug 2028)

Prof. Dr.

Visiting Scholar (17 Okt 2022-30 Sep 2024)


Ecologies of Skins

Research Scholar (2 Okt 2017-30 Jun 2024)


Coal: A Global Object of Knowledge; Métissage: A Problem of European History

Departmental Assistant

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Feb-31 Aug 2024)

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Mai 2021-30 Sep 2024)

German Scientists, their Observations, and Institutional Ties to the New World in the Seventeenth Century

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Research IT

Digital Content Curator, Departmental Assistant (1 Okt 2021-31 Okt 2026)

Premodern Sciences of Soul & Body

Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Okt 2022-30 Sep 2025)

Dr. Dr.

Validating Laboratory Diagnostics in Medical Parasitology: Morphological and Molecularized Approaches Between Clinical, Epistemic, and Political Interests


Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Mai 2023-30 Sep 2025)


PACIFIC CROSSINGS: The China Foundation and a Negotiated Translation of American Science to China, 1913-1949

Research Scholar (1 Nov 2018-31 Aug 2024)


Reaping the Benefits of Water - The Political Epistemologies of Water in Imperial China.


Visiting Scholar (1 Jun 2023-31 Mai 2024)

Prof. Dr.

The Prints and Printing Culture of the Old Uyghurs on the Northern Silk Road

Research Scholar (16 Nov 2020-15 Nov 2024)


Heavenly Knowledge, World Empire

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (15 Nov 2023-14 Nov 2024)

The Evolution of Social Sciences in China since the late 1970s

IT Architect (20 Mar 2017-19 Mar 2025)

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Postdoctoral Fellow (1 Jan-31 Dez 2023)

The Sphere: Knowledge System Evolution and the Shared Scientific Identity in Europe

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (15 Aug 2021-31 Dez 2023)


China's Artificial Intelligence Imaginaries and Policy Development

Predoctoral Fellow (9 Sep 2022-8 Mar 2026)

Colorful Encounters: Nature, Science, and Dyes between Europe and China, 1880–1950

Visiting Scholar (1 Okt 2019-30 Sep 2023)

PhD, Full Professor

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Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (3 Jan 2024-3 Jan 2025)

Comparative Study of Mission-Oriented R&D Organizations

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Outreach and Cooperation

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