The Pasterze Glacier in Austria. Photo: Nathan Wong, 2007.

Working Group (2015-2021)

The Art of Judgement

The Art of Judgement explores how judgements are formed. In focus is the inherently dynamic nature of both assessments and decisions, as they are produced, validated, and redefined through constant processes of mediation and conflict, both synchronically and diachronically. Members scrutinize the ways in which knowledge and expertise are affirmed or rejected, choices are validated by groups and individuals, and attempts to make things work are evaluated in terms of failure and success.

The Working Group aims to address specifically themes that may contribute to connect the history of judgements with current concerns about the different dimensions of global change:

  • the ways in which changes are apprehended and evaluated in science and technology;
  • the validity of scientific measurements, standards, and baselines;
  • the assessment and mediation of conflicts in decision-making processes;
  • the management and perception of environments and natural resources;
  • the interaction between science and nature conservation;
  • the impact of judgements in defining resilience and sustainability.

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