About Positions at the MPIWG

For questions about the application process, please write to us at:

The MPIWG regularly advertises posts for scholars at different levels of qualification and for staff in the area of research support and services. Unlike the case of stipends these positions involve employment contracts, are subject to social insurance contributions, and are remunerated according to the salary scale for the public sector, TVÖD-Bund.

Current positions are publicly advertised on our website and through the relevant online outlets. Please submit your application in German or English through our online application portal. The job advertisement will include the portal link and information regarding the requirements and documentation.


Positions in Research Support

Approximately 60 employees currently work at the MPIWG in the areas of research support and services. As administrators, technicians, librarians, and assistants—among other roles—they create the special environment that enables research at the MPIWG to be carried out successfully. The majority of them work in the central service units administration, library, and technical IT. In addition, the individual departments and research groups employ administrative and editorial staff. Their profiles align with the specific requirements of each research department or research group, and vary within a certain framework.

The Institute has Works Council agreements regarding mobile working and flexible working hours. Salaries are based on the public sector pay scale TVöD-Bund.

The Institute also offers professional training leading to a German IT qualification specialized in system integration: “Fachinformatiker*in (Fachrichtung Systemintegration).” Training places are advertised depending on capacities.

Internships are available only in the MPIWG Library and for students of library and information science. If you are interested, please contact the Head of the Library, Esther Chen ( Unfortunately, we are not able to offer internships in the area of research or in our administration.


Positions in Research


Research Scholars

Research Scholars are in the early stages of an academic career and have ordinarily held at least one postdoctoral fellowship or had equivalent academic experience. This status is the equivalent of an entry-level academic position (for example, Assistant Professor in North America, Lecturer in the UK, Maître de conférence in France). It is an employment relationship, subject to social insurance contributions; as employees, research scholars are bound by instructions. They have substantial responsibilities within their research unit (though not involving more than 30 percent of their time).

Remuneration is based on TVöD-Bund, grade 13 or 14.

Postdoctoral Scholars

Predoctoral Scholars

Student Assistants/Graduate Assistants