department iii

Tree of Knowledge HaK133, painting by Hilma af Klint, courtesy of The Hilma af Klint Foundation _ Photo_Moderna Museet-Stockholm.

Dept. III

Artifacts, Action, Knowledge

Department III studies the history of knowledge and action considering the changing role of artifacts: texts, objects, and spaces. Our research collectively examines the processes and structures by which people grappled with the materiality of existence. Through the analysis of everyday actions, we interrogate the boundaries and intersections between the inner workings of objects and all domains of life. Together these approaches allow us to pursue inquiries into historical epistemologies of action. Our research structure has three entry points: artifacts (things), action (making), knowledge (work). 


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Journalists in Residence

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Artists in Residence

Generating Knowledge: Event Series

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Manners of Reckoning

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Dept. III Colloquium


Region, Practice, and Genre: Putting Knowledge to Use in the History of Science in South Asia. "Genres of Knowledge"


Fabricated Natures: Stories from the Bio-Material Archive


News & Press

Positions in research, communication, and administration


The Kn/Own/Able Project—an initiative on knowledge and its ownership


"Fabricated Natures: Stories from the Bio-Material Archive" (Deadline July 15, 2024)