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Umbrella Research Theme (2013-2022)

Histories of Planning

Histories of Planning focusses on knowledge production in action, thus emphasizing the entanglement and dynamics of knowledge forms in their historical "making." As things have to work out and ends have to be met, humans identify physical realities and discuss how to handle them. They spell out cognitive capacities, validate knowledge, apply or dismiss ideas and practices. Different histories of planning are explored to see how individuals, communities, and states envisioned and fashioned spheres for creativity and negotiation that were then developed, experimented on, and stabilized to make things work. Several Working Groups have been formed to tackle the way in which considerations of scale and scope, logistics, and decision-making impacted knowledge production in the fields of science. Individual projects explore the divergent cultural and material repertoires that actors employed to make things work.


News & Press

The Bare Necessities: Histories of Provisioning from the Second World War to the Present (deadline February 28, 2018)


Research Scholar Wilko von Hardenberg interviewed for Deutschlandradio Kultur on “How High is the Sea Level?”



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