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Sustainability Group

at the MPIWG

We are a bottom-up initiative of employees and guests at the MPIWG devoted to make our workplace more environmentally friendly and sustainable. We identify "hands-on" improvements to the institute's environmental shortcomings and discuss our recommendations and possible implementations with the directorship and respective service departments. Groups such as ours exist at over 60 institutes across the MPG, all of which are part of the Max Planck Sustainability Network (MPSN). Moreover, our work intends to connect with other local groups here in Dahlem (other MPI's, Harnack Haus, Freie Universität) to improve the environmental quality of our immediate surroundings and the sustainable practices in our daily work.

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Recent & Ongoing Activities

  • Developing a catalogue of best practices and recommendations for our institute
  • Collecting info for the Max Planck Sustainability Scan 2022
  • Presentation at the MPIWG's Town Hall Meeting and the Welcome Party of the new academic year
  • Connecting our efforts with those of initiatives in the neighbourhood, e.g. at Harnack Haus, MPI Molecular Genetics, and Freie Universität
  • Participation in the MPSN Annual Conference at Harnack Haus
  • Renewal of MPIWG's gardening contract and supporting the experimental gardening project
  • Supporting the project of installing photovoltaics on the roof of the institute; looking into the possibility of simultaneously greening the roof.
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