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The Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG) presents a range of digital resources. High-quality digital versions of library sources and other collections, are available through our open digital research library ECHO—Cultural Heritage Online. The Institute also produces Research Websites (“microsites”)—online publications that have been produced as part of individual research projects, often through cooperations with other organizations—which serve as information portals, databases, and more. They give access to and contextualize resources relevant to the Institute’s research, and allow researchers to take advantage of digital methods for publishing their research outputs.

The MPIWG plays a pioneering role in online access to digital cultural data. Enabling access and facilitating the use of digital resources for further research remains a key concern of the MPIWG. On these pages you will find more than 900,000 digitized primary sources, texts, images and maps, relevant to all aspects of the history of science.

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