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Finn Arne Jorgensen

Visiting Scholar (Nov 2019-Dez 2019)

Phd, Professor at the Department of Cultural Studies and Languages Universtiy of Stavanger, Norway

Finn Arne Jørgensen is Professor of Environmental History at University of Stavanger, Norway, where he co-directs the environmental humanities initiative "The Greenhouse" together with Dolly Jørgensen. He holds a PhD in Science and Technology Studies (2007) from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. From 2010-2017 he was associate professor of History of Technology and Environment at Umeå University, Sweden. His research includes studies of waste and recycling histories in Scandinavia and the US, the history of the Norwegian leisure cabins, material culture and consumption studies, and the connections between environmental humanities, media studies, and digital humanities. 

He has been a visiting researcher at University of Virginia and the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society. His current research project explores the relationship between locative technologies and the human sense of place (funded by the Research Council of Norway, 2019-2023). Starting next year, he will direct the Horizon 2020-funded project “Citizen Science for Environmental Citizenship” (2020-2023).

At the MPIWG he was a member of the Art of Judgment working group in Dept. III, with a project investigating how cultural judgments over nature, technology, and authenticity, have shaped how leisure cabins have gained such a prominent position in Norwegian culture and nature.


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Touched Nature: A History of the Norwegian Leisure Cabin, 1850–2020


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Touched Nature: Building in, with, and against the Environment in Norway after 1960