Pascal Belouin

Research Scholar, IT Architect (May 2017-Dec 2020)

MRes, MSc, MA, BSc

Pascal Belouin studied Software Engineering at the University of La Rochelle, and went on to pursue a Master of Research in Human Computer Interaction at Lancaster University, as well as a Master of Arts in the Social Sciences with the Open University, which he obtained in 2010. He then went on to work in the private sector as well as for the Medical Schools Council Assessment Alliance, where he lead the design and implementation of the MSCAA Item Bank, a large web-based platform which facilitates the collaboration of the Medical Assessment community in the United Kingdom.

Pascal's role at the institute is to design and implement a digital infrastructure that will allow the integration of various academic work on protected digitized historical sources into one working environment.

Pascal's main research interest is the application of various social scientific theories and methods to the elaboration of novel software development methodologies.


RISE and SHINE: Research Infrastructure for the Study of Eurasia


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From Local Gazetteers Project to Asia Network: Working with Licensed Materials in Digital Humanities


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