Research Infrastructure for the Study of Eurasia (RISE) Now Online

The RISE Project—Research Infrastructure for the Study of Eurasia—has been launched by theLogo RISE 2019 Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG). RISE is a digital research infrastructure by Department III and Research IT, developed since 2017 as a pioneering approach for resource dissemination and emerging data analytics in the humanities. Its various technical components facilitate the secure linkage between third-party research tools and various third-party textual collections (both licensed and open-access ones) via a standard API called SHINE.

Who Will Benefit from the RISE Tool?

  1. Researchers who want to analyze licensed texts in digital research tools, or who want to gain access to more databases in general
  2. Researchers who want an interoperable technical mechanism to make their own corpus discoverable, to share it, and to manage access to it
  3. Research tool developers who want to create a seamless user experience
  4. Research institutions who want to get more value out of the licensed databases they are paying for already
  5. Libraries who want a way to easily manage licensing subscriptions and textual access