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Photograph of the MPIWG main building front entrance

The MPIWG Introduces Emergency Measures against Coronavirus


Leopoldina Publishes Paper on Covid-19 and Society

Interview with Lorraine Daston by Sébastian Dutreuil and Lino Camprubí

Covid and Historical Epistemology

Lorraine Daston, Lino Camprubi, Sébastian Dutreuil

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"History of Science ON CALL" Project Responds to Covid-19 Outbreak

collage of Masks of Desire

The Mask—Arrayed: An Interdisciplinary Project on the Materiality of a Covid-19 Icon


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Preprint 503 cover sheet

Diplomacy in the Time of Cholera

Maria Rentetzi, Flavio D'Abramo, Roberto Lalli