Leendert van der Miesen

Predoctoral Fellow (Mai 2020-Jun 2021)

Leendert van der Miesen is a PhD student in Musicology at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Previously, he studied Musicology and Art Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Before coming to the MPIWG, he has conducted his research within the Collaborative Research Center 980 “Epistemes in Motion” in Berlin and was a visiting research scholar in the Research Group “Epistemes of Modern Acoustics.” His dissertation project, Collecting Ears, investigates the research practices and materials of the French scholar Marin Mersenne (1588–1648) and his circle. He is especially interested in the relations of music and science in the early modern period, instruments, print culture, and the history of the observation. Together with Viktoria Tkaczyk, he is editing a special issue of the journal Sound Studies on the relationship between sound, knowledge, and materiality.


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Collecting Ears: Marin Mersenne and the Study of Music in Early Modern Europe


Harmonies at Work: Musical Instruments and the Transfer of Knowledge in Early Acoustics


Sound Objects in Transition


Past Events


“The Octave Pleases Everybody”: Marin Mersenne and the Universality of Harmony