Xiaochang LI

Postdoctoral Fellow (Sep 2017-Aug 2019)

Xiaochang Li received her PhD in Media, Culture, and Communication in 2017 from New York University, where she wrote a dissertation on the history of computational text prediction and automatic speech recognition, tracing the influence of statistical language modeling in the rise of contemporary “big data” analytics. Prior to NYU, she also received a Master’s degree in Comparative Media Studies from MIT. She has been a doctoral fellow at the NYU Center for the Humanities and a Futures of Entertainment research fellow at the MIT Convergence Culture Consortium. At the MPIWG, Xiaochang is a member of the “Epistemes of Modern Acoustics” research group. Her current research expands on her work on the history of automatic speech recognition and examines the role of acoustic signal processing in the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the twentieth century. In addition to her academic research, she has previously cofounded a haptic technology start-up that designed assistive devices for visual impairment.



Sound & Science: Digital Histories


Signal, Symbol, Measure, Model


Selected Publications

Li, Xiaochang and Mara Mills (2019). “Vocal Features: From Voice Identification to Speech Recognition by Machine.” Technology and Culture 60 (2, Suppl.): S129–S160.

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Nachrichten & Presse

Alumni Xiaochang Li und Mara Mills erhalten den Bernard S. Finn IEEE History Prize


Forschungsgruppe „Epistemes of Modern Acoustics“ veröffentlicht special issue in Technology and Culture