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Erik Baark

Visiting Scholar (Sep 2022-Sep 2025)

Prof. Emeritus

Erik Baark is Professor Emeritus at the Division of Social Science at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. After graduating with a magister artium degree in Sinology from Copenhagen University in 1977, he received his PhD at the University of Lund in 1986, and his Dphil at the University of Copenhagen in 1998.

His research has focused on Asian development, in particular China, and includes analysis of innovation policies, high technology entrepreneurship, environmental and climate change issues, and the digital economy. He has published many papers on innovation in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta which include Innovation and China's Global Emergence (National University of Singapore Press, 2021), Lightning Wires: Telegraphs and China's Technological Modernization, 1860-1890 (Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1997) as well as articles in leading international area studies journals, such as The China Quarterly and in innovation research journals, namely Research Policy and the International Journal of Technology Management.


Historicizing China’s Climate Change Science


Scientists, Politics, and Climate Change in China


The Entry of India and China into the Global Production of Scientific Knowledge


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Selected Publications

Baark, Erik (2024). “China Has Reasons to Smile about the COP28 Climate Summit.” ThinkChina, January 15, 2024. https://www.thinkchina.sg/china-has-reasons-smile-about-cop28-climate-summit.

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Baark, Erik (2023). “Can the US and China Solve the Climate Crisis for Us?” ThinkChina, October 4, 2023. https://www.thinkchina.sg/can-us-and-china-solve-climate-crisis-us.

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Baark, Erik (2023). “Is China’s EV Rise a True Success?” ThinkChina, September 7, 2023. https://www.thinkchina.sg/chinas-ev-rise-true-success.

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Baark, Erik (2023). “China’s Struggle to Meet ‘Dual Carbon’ Targets and Stand Proud at COP28 Climate Summit.” ThinkChina, May 8, 2023. https://www.thinkchina.sg/chinas-struggle-meet-dual-carbon-targets-and-stand-proud-cop28-climate-summit.

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