Rebecca Wolf

Visiting Scholar (Sep 2018)

PhD, Research Group Leader, Research Institute for History and Technology, Deutsches Museum

Rebecca Wolf leads the research group “Materiality of Musical Instruments: New Approaches to a Cultural History of Organology” (funded by the Leibniz Association) at the Deutsche Museum, Munich. She worked on experiments with materials in musical instrument building as a Fellow at the Harvard Music Department and at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin. Her first book, Friedrich Kaufmanns Trompeterautomat: Ein musikalisches Experiment um 1810 won the Award of Excellence of the Austrian Ministry for Science and Research. She teaches musicology in Munich, and has published on instruments made by glass, musical automata, music in peace and war, cultural history, and musical-instrument makers.



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Music of Metallurgy: Bell Metal for Musical Instruments


The Elements of Sound: Experiments in Musical Instruments, 1830–1950


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