Ruixuan Du

Predoctoral Fellow (Nov 2020-Feb 2025)

Ruixuan Du completed her BA in cultural studies and European ethnology at the Humboldt University, and continued her study in the history of science at the Technical University Berlin. She obtained her MA in 2020 with a thesis on external-medicine in seventeenth-century China. The thesis contextualizes the medical practices of an external physician Chen Shigong, who was considered as an expert in surgery. Through discussing the surface and internal human body, Du’s thesis intends to reveal a relation between visualization and imagination by analyzing the representation of body in practical usage. Ruixuan Du’s PhD project deals with medical images, human and animal bodily waste as medication, as well as related artifacts in medical practices between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, aiming to illustrate an “imagined human body” through the study of medical practices. Her further research interests include the theory of image-imagine-imagination, Xiang (象) theory, and medical knowledge production. At the MPIWG, she is working towards her PhD as a predoctoral fellow in Department III.









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An Imagined Human Body: A Study of Chinese Medical Manuscripts


Past Events


The Written Forms of External Medicine in the Seventeenth Century: The Case of Waike Zhengzong


Roundtable: Practicing, Thinking, and Imagining in Early Modern Chinese Medicine