Paul Buell

Visiting Scholar (Jul 2013-Jun 2015)

Adjunct Professor, Center for Eastasian Studies, Western Washington University; Research Scholar, Horst-Görz-Institut, Charité Berlin

Paul is a Mongolist and Turkologist and a specialist in the history to the Mongol Empire with a particular interest in the medical and food exchanges of the period. He holds a BA degree from UCLA in history, a MA degree in Chinese from the University of Washington, and a PhD from the University of Washington in history as well a Certificate in C Programing. Current work: Distillation and fermentation in Eurasia and Western Mexico; the horse in Mongol and Song China (with Dagmar Schäfer); the epidemiology of bubonic plague. Long-term projects: A Kazakh-English Dictionary (25,000 main entries), An annotated translation of the Huihui yaofang, Muslim Medicinal Recipes, the fragments of a hospital manual for Arabic Medicine from Mongol China.


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Distillation in China: Elixirs, New Medicines, and Liquors


Selected Publications