Lissa Louise Roberts sits at a table with her arms propped up

Lissa Louise Roberts

Visiting Scholar (Feb 2018-Apr 2018)

PhD, Professor of Long Term Development of Science and Technology, University of Twente

Lissa L. Roberts is Professor of long-term development of science and technology at the University of Twente, the Netherlands, and editor-in-chief of History of Science. Her interests and publications are wide-ranging, including the history of chemistry, historical relations between science and technology, the history of the senses, technological entrepreneurship, and global history. Among her recent publications are Compound Histories: Materials, Governance and Production (2017, co-edited with S. Werrett); Exploring Global History Through the Lens of History of Chemistry (special issue of History of Science, 2016); Oeconomies of the Eighteenth Century (special issue of History and Technology, 2014) and Centers of Accumulation and Management (special issue of History of Science, 2014).



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