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Jiajing Zhang

Visiting Scholar (Jul 2018)


Jiajing Zhang obtained her doctorate in History of Science and Technology at Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2013, followed by an assistant researcher appointment at the same institute until 2015. She has taught at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences as assistant professor in History of Sciences since 2015. Her main research interest lies in history of cartography, with a focus on history of map-making technology, cartography under the impact of western in modern China. Her Dissertation titled Modern Western Mapping in China (Take Terrain Representation and Map Projection for Example), had explored the spread and application of western cartography in China. She is also interested in the research of the Chinese modern scientists group, and as one of the principal members, participated in the project "Collecting Historic Dates of Scientists' Academic Life."


Changes and Vanishing of the Astrological Field Allocation Knowledge in Chinese Local Gazetteers


Fenye in Local Gazetteers


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Past Events


Empire under the Night Sky: The Role of Fenye (Astrological Contents) in Late Imperial China


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Alumni der LoGaRT-Arbeitsgruppe Shellen Xiao Wu und Jiajing Zhang in ISIS-Ausgabe 113 vorgestellt