Jinsong Guo

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (Aug 2023-Nov 2023)

Jinsong Guo received his PhD in Chinese history and the history of science from Princeton University in 2019. He now works at Peking University as an Assistant Professor. He will be doing research on graphic representations of the cosmos on the shi-device or “cosmic board” in early and medieval China, in conjunction with the working group “Visualization and Material Cultures of Heavens” in Department III at the MPIWG. He has published on a variety of issues in the history of premodern Chinese mathematical sciences, and is preparing a book on astronomy in the Mongol-Yuan period.


Visualization and Material Cultures of the Heavens in Eurasia and North Africa (4000 BCE–1700 CE)


The “Cosmic Board” and the Visuality of Early and Medieval Chinese Cosmology