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Ilaria Bultrighini

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (Okt 2021-Jul 2022)


Ilaria Bultrighini studied Ancient History, Archaeology, and Classics at the Universities of Urbino and Rome La Sapienza and received her PhD from G. d’Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara in 2012. She has held fellowships at Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies, the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (2012–2013) and the Einstein Center Chronoi in Berlin (2019), and worked on major research projects at UCL (2013–2018) and the Institute of Classical Studies in London (2018–2019). From 2017–2020 she was a member of the DFG-funded International Research Network “Chronos: Soziale Zeit in den Kulturen des Altertums”.

Ilaria is currently an Honorary Research Fellow at UCL, as well as a Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow at Department III of the MPIWG within the framework of the “Visualizations and Material Cultures of the Heavens” working group. Her project explores conceptions of the planets in the Graeco-Roman world from the Hellenistic to the Late Antique period. Her monograph, Demi attici della Paralia (Lanciano: Carabba, 2015), deals with non-urban areas of the Athenian polis. She has also published on calendars and time reckoning, astrology, Greek and Roman religion, and the Greek East under Roman rule. Epigraphy is central to her research, and she is currently serving as member of the steering committees of the Association Internationale d’Épigraphie Grecque et Latine and the British Epigraphy Society.


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Visualizations of the Planets in the Graeco-Roman World (ca. 300 BCE-600 CE)


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Depicting Time: The Visualisation of the Planetary Deities and the Seven-Day Astrological Week in the Graeco-Roman World