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Cathleen Paethe

Subject Librarian for Chinese Studies

Cathleen Paethe is the Subject Librarian for Sinology at the Institute. Cathleen's research interests include the history of traditional Chinese libraries and book collections, printing history, and book culture.


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Monumentalized or Marginalized, Writings about Technology in Chinese History: A Database


The Bibliophile Qi Chenghan: Book Consumption and Commercialization in Late Ming China


Selected Publications

Paethe, Cathleen and Dagmar Schäfer (2016). “Books for sustenance and life : bibliophile practices and skills in the late Ming and Qi Chenghan’s Library Dansheng tang.” In Transforming book culture in China, 1600 - 2016, ed. D. Berg and G. Strafella, 19–48. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz.

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Analysis of Pre-Modern Maps of East Asia: Methods and Approaches