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Chuanyi Lyu

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (Apr 2023-Aug 2023)


Chuanyi Lyu is a historian of ancient Chinese astronomy. He studied engineering at Wuhan Institute of Technology and pre-Qin history at Hubei Academy of Social Science, receiving his PhD in the history of Chinese astronomy in 2014 with a dissertation on the construction of ancient Chinese astrology at the Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Now he is an associate professor at Hubei Academy of Social Science and has been director of the Center of Ancient Astronomy at the Academy since 2021. His research focuses on Chinese astrology, ancient calendars, and excavated documents. He is working on the national project “New Research on the Chu Calendar in Unearthed Documents.” Chuanyi’s current research at the MPIWG is “How Fenye (Field Allocation) entered Local Gazetteers,” looks for the pattern of fenye's placement within the structure of local gazetteers, and inquires which elements of fenye made it into them, as well as exploring how fenye evolved from optional to necessary content. At the MPIWG he is collaborating with the Local Gazetteers Working Group, Department III.


Fenye in Local Gazetteers


How Fenye Entered Local Gazetteers


Past Events


Tombs and Astral Knowledge from Egypt to China (1000 BCE–1000 CE)


Empire under the Night Sky: The Role of Fenye (Astrological Contents) in Late Imperial China


Empire under the Night Sky: Recording Field Allocation in Chinese Local Gazetteers