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Carolyn Birdsall

Visiting Scholar (Feb 2018)

PhD, Department of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam

Carolyn Birdsall is Assistant Professor and MA Education Director, Department of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam. Her dissertation, published in 2012 as Nazi Soundscapes: Sound, Technology and Urban Space in Germany, 1933–1945, won the Book Award of the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis in 2013. Birdsall is also coeditor of Sonic Mediations: Body, Sound, Technology (2008) and Inside Knowledge: (Un)doing Ways of Knowing in the Humanities (2009). Her recent publications have investigated emerging concepts of “documentary sound” in early radio and sound film, with related interests including comparative histories of media archiving and the material and gendered dimensions to broadcast production work.


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Archival Impulses in German Radio: Collecting, Ordering and Reusing Sound (1930–1960)


Radio Archiving and the Sources of History


Researching Radio: Sound Archives and Discipline Formation, 1930–1945


Selected Publications

Tkaczyk, Viktoria and Carolyn Birdsall, eds. (2019). Listening to the Archive: Sound Data in the Humanities and Sciences. Special issue, Technology and Culture 60 (2, Suppl.). Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.

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Birdsall, Carolyn and Viktoria Tkaczyk (2019). “Listening to the Archive: Sound Data in the Humanities and Sciences.” Technology and Culture 60 (2, Suppl.): S1–S13. https://doi.org/10.1353/tech.2019.0061.

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Birdsall, Carolyn (2019). “Radio Documents: Broadcasting, Sound Archiving, and the Rise of Radio Studies in Interwar Germany.” Technology and Culture 60 (2, Suppl.): S96–S128. https://doi.org/10.1353/tech.2019.0065.

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Birdsall, Carolyn (2018). “Found in Translation: Recording, Storing and Writing of Sounds.” In Routledge Companion to Sound Studies, ed. M. Bull, 210–221. London: Routledge.

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Listening to the Archive. Histories of Sound Data in the Humanities and Science

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