Ayako Sakurai sitting and smiling into the camera

Ayako Sakurai

Visiting Scholar (Feb 2020-Mar 2020)

Ayako Sakurai obtained a PhD in history of science at the University of Cambridge in 2007. Her dissertation investigated the associational culture of science in nineteenth-century Frankfurt am Main. Her book, Science and Societies in Frankfurt am Main, published in 2013, developed from her dissertation. Since 2013, she has been teaching at the School of Business Administration, Senshu University (2013–2015 as Lecturer, from 2015 as Associate Professor) in Japan. Her current research project focuses on the international mobility of German researchers and practitioners of science in the nineteenth century, especially their influence on the development of the scientific community in Meiji Japan. To further the project, she is visiting the Max Planck Institute to co-organize a workshop to bring together scholars sharing interest in the study of natural-historical surveys and collecting expeditions undertaken by German-speaking practitioners in nineteenth-century Asia Pacific.

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German Naturalists in 19th-century East Asia

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German Purveyors of Natural History in the Age of Empire: Collecting in the Asia Pacific in the Long Nineteenth Century