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Alexander Kim

Visiting Scholar (Okt 2020-Dez 2020)

Alexander Kim studied World History and Archaeology at the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Far Eastern Branch). He obtained his PhD in 2007 at same institution with a dissertation on history of Bohai state. He has been a visiting scholar at Ruhr University, at the Seoul National University, at the Korea University (both in the Republic of Korea) and at the Harvard University in the USA. Alexander Kim received a number of different grants in the Republic of Korea, the People’s Republic of China, the USA, in Germany, and Russia. In 2014–2017 he worked as an associate professor at the Far Eastern Federal University, Russia. Recently he became Associate Professor in the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service, Institute of Law, Department of International Relations and Law, Russia.

His current research project at the MPIWG is about the role of the animals in Bohai and Jurchen societies (on the base of studies of the archaeological materials from medieval sites in the Russian Far East).

Alexander Kim has about 120 academic publications—including monographs, academic articles and textbooks—in nine languages, nearly 40 of them were published in the journals of DB Web of Sciences and SCOPUS. His research interests cover history (including history of science), archaeology, ethnography, international relations, urbanization, East Asia (Korea-related fields), Russian Far East, and the USSR.

Current Projects

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Completed Projects

Animals in Bohai and Jurchen Societies

Selected Publications

Kim, Alexander (2022). “The Horse in Bohai and Jurchen Societies: Based on Osteological Studies from the Southern Part of the Russian Far East.” Central Asiatic Journal 64 (1–2): 155–164.

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Past Events

Early Career Seminar

Horses in Bohai and Jurchen Societies: Based on Osteological Studies from the South Part of the Russian Far East


Presentations, Talks, & Teaching Activities

원동남쪽에 있는 러시아 고려인의 음식에 대한 의문에 향해 (Toward the Question on Meals of the Russian Koreans from the Southern Part of the Far East)

전통문화의 계승과 보존: 현시대 조선(한)민족 생활문화 연구 (Succession and Preservation of the Heritage of the Traditional Culture: A Study of the Every-day Life of the Modern Koreans).

Yanbian University (POC)

The Current Situation on the Language, Newspapers and Publications of Koreans in Primorye Region in Russia

Korean Diaspora: Changes and Challenges.

University Göttingen

Deribas and “Korean question” in USSR at 1920–1930s

East and West as Centers of the Centerless World.

Hanguk University for Foreign Studies (Republic of Korea)

연해주 발해인과 발해유민의 생활 차이를 분석 (우됴스노에-4 고고학자료적으로) (The Analysis of Differences of the Life Styles of the Bohai People and Bohai Remained Population (on the Base of Archaeological Materials from Utesnoe-4 site)

발해와 주변민족의 역사와 문화 (The History and Culture of Bohai and Neighboring Peoples).

Koguryo-parhae yonguhwae (Republic of Korea)