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Aleksandra Kaye

Research Scholar (Jan 2023-Dez 2024)

Aleksandra Kaye is a historian of knowledge and science specialized in nineteenth-century Latin America and in the partitioned territories of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. She conducted her doctoral research at the History Department, University College London. In her doctoral dissertation, she applied social network analysis methods to historical research and mapped Polish knowledge networks in nineteenth-century Latin America to understand the role migration has played in the production, transfer, and acceptance of scientific knowledge. In 2022, she was a Freer Prize fellow at the Royal Institution in London, and a year earlier, in 2021, an exchange scholar in Sociology at Yale University. Broadly, her work focuses on cross-cultural interactions, transnational migration, and circulation of scientific knowledge. Aleks’ current research project deals with how Polish migrants’ work on petroleum prospecting and later exploitation in Argentina was presented in Polish and Argentinian newspapers and periodicals and how that in turn affected broader scientific debates. At the MPIWG, she is affiliated with the Socio-epistemic Networks: Modelling Historical Knowledge Processes project in Department I.


Through the Socio-epistemic Networks Lens: Argentinian and Polish Discourses on Petroleum, 1880–1910


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Selected Publications

Kaye, Aleksandra (2024). “Piecing together ‘Big Pictures’ with Social Network Analysis and Digital Tools.” BJHS Themes, April 11, 2024.

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Kaye, Aleksandra (2023). “Shaping Public Perception: Polish Illustrated Press and the Image of Polish Naturalists Working in Latin America, 1844–1885.” Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte 46 (2–3): 158–180.

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Kaye, Aleksandra (2022). “Review of: Hansson, Nilsand Jonatan Wistrand (Eds): Explorations in Baltic Medical History, 1850–2015. Rochester, NY: University of Rochester Press 2019.” History: The Journal of the Historical Association 107 (376): 593…

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Sandalwood and the Entanglement of Juan Fernández Islands in Eco-cultural Networks


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Thoughts on Digital Humanities, History of Science and the ‘Big Picture’, on the Early Career Panel

Global History and Culture Centre Annual Conference — The History of Science and the 'Big Picture' 

University of Warwick
Trade Routes that Shaped the World: From Vikings to the Silk Routes

World History

London, City Lit College

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant on the “Colonial and Revolutionary North America” Course

Undergraduate History

University College London

History of Science in Latin America

Global Digital History of Science Festival

British Society for the History of Science

Applications of Social Network Analysis to Historical Research

Digital History Seminar Series

London, Institute of Historical Research

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