Mediathek Event
Mar 16, 2021
Online Event: The History of the General Theory of Relativity (in German)

The discovery of gravitational waves was one of the most spectacular breakthroughs in physics ever. How are such breakthroughs achieved? The path to this discovery was neither a linear progress nor a sudden paradigm shift, but the result of a long-term transformation of knowledge with many surprising twists and detours. General relativity, from its inception to its current advances, was not just the work of a single genius but also that of a community that explored the untapped potential of general relativity, a potential that still leads to exciting new insights and results, such as the recent spectacular observations obtained with the Event Horizon Telescope.

About This Series

Faszination Astronomie Online (Fascination Astronomy Online) is a series of half-hour online lectures by Haus der Astronomie (House of Astronomy). The speakers at Faszination Astronomie Online are scientists, amateur astronomers and space enthusiasts from all over the German-speaking area who present a wide range of topics from astronomy, astrophysics and space research from their own personal perspective.

The History of the General Theory of Relativity (in German)