Leonardos Bücherliste

SFB Episteme: Hinter den Dingen Podcast: Leonardos Bücherliste

"Spera," wrote Leonardo da Vinci on a list of books. Which volume did this note refer to? Why are researchers worldwide trying to reconstruct Leonardo's lost library? And what does his library tell us about the famous artist, scientist, and intellectual?

Jürgen Renn and Matteo Valleriani provide exciting insight into their research in this episode of the SFB "Episteme in Bewegung" Hinter den Dingen podcast series.

The episode was a special production for the exhibition Leonardo's Intellectual Cosmos, organized by the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG) in cooperation with Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, which takes place from May 10 to June 28, 2021.


Hinter den Dingen, SFB 980 "Episteme in Bewegung. Wissenstransfer von der alten Welt bis in die frühe Neuzeit"

Friederike Kroitzsch (Sophie Ruch)
Matthias Dittmer (Leonardo)
Katharina Kwaschik (historical sources)

Screenplay: Jan Fusek
Sound, technology, editing: Armin Hempel
Dramaturgy, editing, direction: Kristiane Hasselmann, Jan Fusek, Armin Hempel, Katrin Wächter
Graphics: Martina Hoffmann