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Library News

March 20, 2020

Library Services: Update Due to Covid-19

As a protective measure during the Corona crisis, and on the orders of the Berlin Senate's Department for Science and Research, the MPIWG will temporarily switch to an emergency staff presence on March 20, 2020 at 16:00. The library will therefore no longer be accessible. But please keep in mind: we are still at your service! All library staff are working from home and will do whatever is possible to provide scholars with the digital sources needed for research. Find our contact details and information on our services here and further information about services during the Corona outbreak on the Intranet





January 13, 2020

Wiley Digital Archive Test Access

The library has test access to the digital archives of four scholarly institutions from today until February 14. Wiley digitized the complete archives of: 

  • The Royal College of Physicians
  • The New York Academy of Sciences
  • The Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland
  • Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) 

To search these archives please use the following link:



August 21, 2019

Access to Oxford Music Online’s Grove Music Online

The database is the authoritative resource for music research with over 52,000 articles written by nearly 9,000 scholars charting the diverse history, theory, and cultures of music around the globe. Based on work first published in 1879 and updated frequently, Grove has been in continuous publication for over a century and now publishes hundreds of new articles and revisions each year. Any comments about content or functions of the database are very welcome. Users from the MPIWG are registered automatically via IP.


Aug 8, 2019

"Granth Sanjeevani" Database Access

The library has now access to the database Granth Sanjeevani of The Asiatic Society of Mumbai. Please log in as "Max Planck Institute for the History of Science." Granth Sanjeevani has over 20,000 books, newspapers, manuscripts, maps, journals, government publications, and reports. Though the majority of books are in English, there are books in Sanskrit and other ancient and modern Indian languages and in European languages like Greek, Latin, Italian, German, and French.




May 16, 2019

Rare Book Exhibition

The library has created a new exhibition of rare books in the showcases of the rare book collection. We are presenting a small selection of books acquired in the first years of the Institute in accordance with the requirements of research projects at that time. Topics cover many areas in the history of science, which have been and still are at the focus of our research interests. These include philosophy and natural history (showcase 1), chemistry or medicine (showcase 2), physics and mechanics (showcase 3), geometry and civil engineering (showcase 4), and astronomy (showcase 5). Most of the rare books featured in this exhibition are available online in ECHO – Cultural Heritage Online.