Zahra Abbasi

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (Jul 2022-Jul 2023)

Zahra Abbasi is a PhD candidate and lecturer at the University of Oslo and a Visiting Predoctoral Fellow at MPIWG, 2022–2023. She has a background in comparative literature and experience in care practices. Her PhD project pertains to understanding online-offline mental health care among diaspora Persian-speaking communities. At the MPIWG she will be hosted by the interdisciplinary Lise Meitner Research Group “China in the Global System of Science” (Dr Anna L. Ahlers) and will collaborate closely with the Max Planck Research Group “Practices of Validation in the Biomedical Sciences” (Dr Lara Keuck). She has published and presented her work on alternative forms of mental health and was recently awarded the Sasakawa Young Leaders Award, 2022. She is also a board member of the Junior Network for Migration and Intercultural Relations in Norway.


Iran’s Mental Health System and the Emergence of Digitalized Migrant Health Citizens


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