Chengji Xing

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (Mai 2023-Okt 2023)

Sally Chengji Xing is a Richard Hofstadter Fellow and PhD candidate at Columbia University in the City of New York, interested in writing US history from transnational perspectives. Her dissertation, “Pacific Crossings”: The China Foundation and a Negotiated Translation of American Science to China, 1913-1949″, examines how American intellectuals in the first half of the twentieth century influenced the establishment of modern Chinese scientific education, and were in turn, influenced by their encounters with China. Sally became interested in the Sino-American intellectual exchanges network in the China Foundation since she lived in Morningside Heights in 2016. At MPIWG she is a member of the Lise Meitner Research Group “China in the Global System of Science”.

Sally writes in both English and Chinese, and has published numerous academic reviews, journal articles and public history writings on topics of US history and transnational history. She also co-translated Akira Iriye’s Global and Transnational History into Chinese, and edited an interview with leading Americanists all over the world entitled History in Practice: Interview with Contemporary American Historians (a project which won the History in Action Award of the Mellon Foundation and will be published at the Commercial Press of Beijing between 2022-3).

Before joining the Columbia community in 2016, Sally studied at US history Tsinghua University (2008-2013), Peking University (2013-5), and was a residential fellow at Robert H. Smith International Center in Virginia (2017). She has ​taught US history as a graduate teaching fellow at Purdue University (2015-6), Columbia University (2017-2021), and served as an undergraduate advisor at the American Studies Center at Columbia University (2018-22).


PACIFIC CROSSINGS: The China Foundation and a Negotiated Translation of American Science to China, 1913-1949


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Selected Publications

Xing, Chengji (2022). “纽约晨边高地的今昔 [New York City’s Morningside Heights since 1968, Readers Magazine] May, 2022.” 读书杂志 [Dushu Magazine], no. 2022/05.

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Xing, Chengji (2021). “Review of: Wu Lin-chun: China and the United States: Business, Technology and Networks, 1914-1941. (The Journal of American-East Asian Relations. 27:2 (2020): 119-141).” H-Diplo/ISSF, January 6, 2021.…

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Xing, Chengji (2020). “评戴维·霍林格的《异域的新教徒》[Review of David Hollinger, Protestants Abroad: How Missionaries Tried to Change the World but Changed America] .” 全球史评论 [Global History Review] 18.

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Xing, Chengji (2019). “世界中的美国 [Historiographical Analysis of ‘US in the world’].” 读书杂志 [Dushu Magazine], no. 2019/01.

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