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Zoe Svendsen

Artist in Residence (Sep 2014-Okt 2014)

Zoë Svendsen was an Artist-in-Residence in Department III in 2014. She pursues practice-led research as a Lecturer in Drama and Performance in the English Faculty at the University of Cambridge. Her practice-as-research projects focus on questions of dramaturgy and attention, with particular focus on the idea of "rehearsal" as a conceptual mode of imaginative engagement on the part of audiences when experiencing performance. Her  project, “World Factory,” in collaboration with artist Simon Daw and others, explores consumer capitalism as seen through the lens of the history and politics of the global textile industry, particularly in relation to China.

Current Projects

No current projects were found for this scholar.

Completed Projects

Artist in Residence: World Factory

Nachrichten & Presse

World Factory webt die unerzählten Geschichten von Menschen zusammen, die durch die globale Textilindustrie verbunden sind

Zoe Svendsen, Artist-in-Residence in Abteilung III des MPIWG, im Guardian nach ihren Auftritten am „Young London Vic“.
Zoë Svendsen, MPIWG Artist-in-Residence in Abteilung III, führt aktuell ihr Projekt „World Factory“ am Young Vic in London auf.