profile picture of Zoe Hong, yellow background

Zoe Hong

IT Researcher (Apr 2016-Sep 2016)


Zoe (Ming-Tung) Hong received her MS from National Taiwan University as a computer scientist. Her master’s thesis, "Tranzzl!n9o: A Human Computation Approach to English Translation of Internet Lingo,” proposes a web-based crossword puzzle game for engaging crowds to translate Internet lingo in order to construct an Internet lingo dictionary. The project aims to reduce the cultural and generational gap between Internet users by explaining Internet lingo. She has the experiences in web development, text processing. Her interests include Human Computation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Digital Humanities.

Zoe joins the MPIWG as an IT developer in Dept III. She works on designing and developing user-friendly software interfaces/tools that helps historians collect and analyze their data.