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Zvi Hasnes-Beninson

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (Mai 2023-Okt 2023)

Zvi Hasnes-Beninson is a predoctoral visiting fellow from the Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas at Tel Aviv University. Before starting his PhD, Zvi obtained an MA from the Cohn Institute, and another MA from the University of Chicago. His research focuses on processes of model-formulation, especially in the context of the life sciences. Zvi studies conceptual controversies in evolutionary biology (especially sociobiology) in an attempt to understand which epistemic commitments were held by participants involved in those controversies, how these commitments were formalized into models, and what roles these models played in the controversy once formalized. Zvi is currently working in the historical epistemology of modeling project.

Past Events


Epistemic Commitments Have No “Off” Button


Presentations, Talks, & Teaching Activities

Marxists Gonna Marxize; Early Criticism of Cultural Evolution

The Evolutionary Lens: Addressing the Big Questions by (Re)thinking Evolution

Tel Aviv University

A Strategy to What End? “The Strategy of Model Building in Population Biology” in its Programmatic Context

Annual Conference of the Israeli Society for the History Philosophy and Sociology of Science

Tel Aviv University

The Whimper and the Bang: Rethinking the Historiography of Ancient Greek Astronomy

Cohn Institute Research Seminar (Amos Funkenstein Prize)

Tel Aviv University