headshot of Yangzi Wu

Yangzi Wu

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (Nov 2016-Mai 2017)

MPA, Doctoral Candidate, University of Science and Technology of China and Technische Universität Berlin

Yangzi Wu Studied public administration and history of science in University of Science and Technology of China from 2013. From October 2016 to September 2018, he studies in TU Berlin as a joint-supervised visiting doctoral student.

His main research interest is on the History of Quantum Cryptography after World War II. Quantum cryptography, as a new cryptographic technology that is based on the principles of quantum physics and different from traditional mathematically-based cryptography, is being studied and developed for applications in a number of countries with large amounts of funding. As one of the earliest technical application from quantum physics, history of quantum cryptography is becoming an important part and a new research area of history of quantum physics. His research focuses on the actual developments and details from the time when Stephen Wiesner first raised the concept of "quantum currency" in 1968, the birth of the core protocol of quantum cryptography, BB84, co-produced by Charles Bennett and Gilles Brassard in 1983-1984, the emergence of Artur Ekert’s E91 protocol in 1991, one that was similar to BB84, up to the maturity of quantum cryptography.


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Origin and Development of Quantum Cryptography