Xing Zhang standing on a riverbank

Xing Zhang

Visiting Scholar (Jun 2018-Jul 2018)

Dr. Xing Zhang is Associate Professor and Head of the Section of South Asian Culture at the Department of South Asian Studies and Research Center of Eastern Literature, Peking University, China. She has been a Visiting Scholar at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, in Germany and Visiting Professor and Researcher at Université de Montréal, in Canada. Her research focuses on South Asian culture, Indian languages and literature, and intercultural studies. Her research and fieldwork have been supported by grants and fellowships from Germany, Singapore, and Canada. She also served as a member of several research projects supported by the National Social Science Foundation of China. She has published a number of articles in SSCI and CSSCI journals, and is the author of two English monographs published in Germany and Singapore. At the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, she will be working on the changing cosmology and knowledge of tigers among Buddhist communities in South and East Asia.


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The Changing Cosmology and Knowledge of the Tiger Lands in Buddhist Asia


Presentations, Talks, & Teaching Activities

Animals and Religion in Asia: The Monkey King and the Spread of Rāmāyaņa in China

Tel Aviv University, Israel

Workshop on Animals, Society, and Religion in Asia: Tigers and Tiger-Charmers in South and Southeast Asia

Tel Aviv University, Israel

Xuan Zang and China-India Friendly Interactions: The Xuanzang Temple and other Chinese Buddhist Institutions in India

Consulate General of the PRC in Kolkata and Nalanda University in Bihar, India