Alvin Yang

Xiao Alvin Yang

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (Nov 2023-Nov 2024)

Xiao Alvin Yang is a Ph.D. candidate (final stages) in political science and economics at Universität Kassel, Germany. At the MPIWG, his research project examines the evolution of Chinese social sciences from a transnational and transcultural perspective, especially focusing on the recent development of indigenous concepts and theories in economics, political sciences, sociology, anthropology and area studies.

In the past few years, Alvin has led several projects, such as the Theoretical Debates on Asian Series with support from the York Centre for Asian Research and the International Center for Development and Decent Work, Democracy in the Time of COVID-19 funded by the University of Toronto COVID-19 Student Engagement Award, and Anti-Asian Racism During COVID-19 Project jointly funded by the Canada-China Initiatives Fund and the Canadian Institutes of Health. Currently, Alvin co-edits a book, The Return of Yellow Peril: Anti-Asian Racism during the COVID-19 Pandemic (tentative title), and a special issue, Transculturality of Anti-Asian Racism, as well as co-organizes the sociology of knowledge research cluster at the Canadian Sociological Association.

To learn more about Alvin and his research activities, public engagement, and publications, please visit his website:


The Evolution of Social Sciences in China since the late 1970s


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Competing Economic Paradigms? Evolution of Chinese Economic Thought and Theories since China's Reform and Opening-up