Xing Huang

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (Nov 2016-Dez 2016)

PhD, Associate Professor of History of Science and Technology, University of Science and Technology Beijing

HUANG Xing is a young scholar in the history of science and technology in China and received his PhD degree from the University of Science & Technology Beijing in 2014. He is Assistant Professor at the Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His main research field is the history of technology in ancient China, especially the history of compass, history of iron smelting technology, history of agricultural machinery and the computer simulation research for ancient technology. He has published more than 10 papers on the Journal of Archaeological Science, Applied Mechanics Materials, Studies in the History of Natural Sciences and so on.


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Forging Technology for Metals Processing in the Pre-Qin Period


Selected Publications

Huang, Xing, Wei Wei, Jingnan Guo, and Naitao Liu (2015). “3D Numerical Simulation on the Flow Field of Single Tuyere Blast Furnaces : a Case Study of the Shuiquangou Iron Smelting Site in 9th to 13th Century China.” Journal of Archaeological…

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Huang, Xing and Qing Wei (2013). “A Comparative Study on the World Bellows before the Industrial Revolution. .” Ziran-kexueshi-yanjiu = Studies in the History of Natural Sciences 32 (1): 84–111.

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Huang, Xing (2013). “A new research on the wood bellow : technology: history, heritage, and the culture diversity.” In Proceedings of the Second Forum for the History of Technology, 84–91. Beijing: Popular Science Press.

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Huang, Xing and Qian Wei (2013). “A Study on the Types and Performance of the Winnowed in Ancient China.” Agricultural History of China 2: 24–37.

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