Tracy Wietecha

Postdoctoral Fellow (Mai 2021-Jan 2024)

Tracy Wietecha is a postdoctoral fellow in the Max Planck Working Group “Experience in the Premodern Sciences of Soul and Body,” specializing in medieval philosophy and the history of premodern science and philosophy.

Tracy was the 2020 Lorenz Bausch fellow at the Leopoldina National Academy of Science in Halle (Saale), Germany. She completed her doctorate in February 2021 at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich with a dissertation on the ethical commentaries of the thirteenth-century natural scientist and philosopher Albert the Great. She holds an MA in philosophy from Marquette University (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) and an MA in sacred theology from Sacred Heart Major Seminary (Detroit, Michigan).

Tracy’s current project focuses on the knowledge networks prevalent between institutions in Mexico, Peru, and Brazil and German scientists in the seventeenth century. She also organizes a working group that brings together scholars from the MPIWG and the Leopoldina, “Experiencing Nature through Old and New Epistemes around the Globe.” Tracy has taught courses at the University of Munich and Bard College Berlin. She is currently a guest lecturer at the Technical University Berlin. In summer semester 2021, she taught a course on Science and Medicine in the Latin Americas, ca. 1400–1700.



  • “Albert the Great’s Ethical Commentaries and Al-Farabi’s De Intellectu.”  In Homo – Natura – Mundus: Human Beings and their Relationships. Proceedings of the XIV International Congress of the S.I.E.P.M., July 24-28, 2017, Porto Alegre, Brazil, ed. Roberto Hofmeister Pich, Alfredo Carolos Storck, and Alfredo Santiago Culleton. Turnhout: Brepols, 2020: 339-350.

  • “On Method in Reading the De ente et essentia,” International Philosophical Quarterly 56 (2016), 155-170.


Experiencing Nature through Old and New Epistemes around the Globe


German Scientists, their Observationes, and Ties to the Latin Americas in the Seventeenth Century


The Role of the Senses in Albert the Great’s Doctrine of Noetic Development


Selected Publications

Wietecha, Tracy (2021). “Review of: Bertolacci, Amos and Gabriele Galluzzo (Eds): Documenti e studi sulla tradizione filosofica medievale XXX. Florence: Sismel 2019.” Early Science and Medicine 26 (4): 383–386.…

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Wietecha, Tracy (2020). “Review of: Soto-Bruna, María Jesús (Ed.): Causality and Resemblance: Medieval Approaches to the Explanation of Nature. Hildesheim: Olms 2018.” Revista Española de Filosofía Medieval 27 (2): 222–226.…

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Wietecha, Tracy (2020). “Albert the Great’s Ethical Commentaries and Al-Farabi’s ‘De Intellectu.’” In Homo – Natura – Mundus: Human Beings and Their Relationships, ed. R. Hofmeister Pich, A. C. Storck, and A. S. Culleton, 339–350. Turnhout: Brepols…

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Past Events

Summer Colloquium

The Ninth-Century Transmission of Greek Philosophy into the Arabic-Speaking World and the Emergence of Baghdadian Rationalism: Coming to a Proper Judgement of the Place of Ḥunayn ibn Isḥāq (CE 808-877)


Postdoc Meeting


Presentations, Talks, & Teaching Activities

Teaching Seminar Course: Circulation of Knowledge in Early Modern Iberia and its World: themes in Science, Technology, and Society

Technical University Berlin, Fermany

Teaching Seminar Course: Science and Medicine in the Latin Americas, ca. 1400-1700

Technical University Berlin, Germany

Intellectual Perfection in Albert the Great’s Ethica

Aquinas and the Arabs International Working Group Conference

Teaching Seminar Course: Medieval Conceptions of Happiness

Bard College, Berlin, Germany

Colloquium Series: German Scientists, their Observationes, and Institutional Ties to the „New World“ in the Seventeenth Century

Leopoldina Zentrum für Wissenschaftsforschung

Nachrichten & Presse

Gast-Doktorandin Tracy Wietecha erhält Leopoldina Bausch-Stipendium 2020