Sarah Van Beurden

Visiting Scholar (Sep 2016-Jul 2017)

PhD, Associate Professor, Ohio State University
August 1, 2015–July 31, 2016; affiliate September 1, 2014–August 31, 2016

Sarah Van Beurden is an assistant professor at the Ohio State University, where she teaches African history.  She received her BA from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) and her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. She has previously held fellowships at the Institute for Historical Studies at the University of Texas in Austin and the Centre for Global Cooperation research at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Her first book, Authentically African: Arts and the Transnational Politics of Congolese Culture will appear in the "New African Histories" Series at the Ohio University Press.


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(Post) Colonial Planning and Counter-Planning


Planning a Colonial Cultural Economy: Arts and Crafts in the Belgian Congo (1930–1960)


Selected Publications

Van Beurden, Sarah (2015). Authentically African : arts and the transnational politics of Congolese culture. New African histories. Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press.

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Van Beurden, Sarah (2015). “Restitution or cooperation? Competing visions of post-colonial cultural development in Africa.” Global Cooperation Research Papers 12: 1–25.

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Van Beurden, Sarah (2015). “The art of (re)possession : heritage and the cultural politics of Congo’s decolonization.” Journal of African History, 2015, 143–164.

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Van Beurden, Sarah (2014). “International security and global cooperation : the politics of cultural property.” Global Dialogues 4: 27–30.

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