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Sabina Leonelli

Visiting Scholar (Sep 2021-Jun 2022)

Prof. Dr.

Sabina Leonelli is Professor of Philosophy and History of Science at the University of Exeter, where she co-directs the Centre for the Study of the Life Sciences (Egenis). In 2021–22 she is a Fellow of the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin. She is also a Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute, Academia Europaea, and Académie Internationale de Philosophie de la Science; Editor-in-Chief of History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences; and twice ERC grantee. Her research concerns the epistemology, history, and governance of: data-intensive science, plant research, modelling integration across the biological, environmental, and health sciences as well as open science and related evaluation systems in the global—and highly unequal—research landscape. Her books include Data-Centric Biology: A Philosophical Study (University of Chicago Press, 2016), Data Journeys in the Sciences (Springer, 2020, with Niccolo Tempini), Model Organisms (Cambridge University Press, 2020, with Rachel Ankeny) and Data in Society: A Critical Introduction (Sage, 2021, with Anne Beaulieu).


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