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Shixiang Jin

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (Jan 2020-Sep 2020)

Shixiang Jin is a lecturer of the History of Science at University of Science and Technology Beijing. He obtained a PhD in 2015 from Peking University with a dissertation on Roger Bacon’s Perspectiva and its relation to his natural philosophy. His research and teaching interests are the Aristotelian theory of perception and its historical transformation, and the comparative study of East-West epistemology. At the MPIWG, he is a member of the Research Group “Experience in the Premodern Sciences of Soul & Body." His current project explores the experience of soul and body in the Chinese Jesuit sciences, 1583–1683. In particular, Shixiang Jin's aim is to identify the modifications of the Jesuit science of soul and body in the translating and writing process, to investigate the reasons behind these changes, and to examine whether Chinese scholars applied Aristotelian psychology or empirical methods consciously or unconsciously in their natural investigations.


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Experience of Soul and Body in the Chinese Jesuit Sciences, 1583–1683


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