Stefano Furlan

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (Apr 2022-Jan 2024)

After classical studies and a degree in physics, Stefano Furlan specialized in theoretical physics with specific focus on the notion of minimal length in nature and its interplay with quantization in the context of quantum gravity. In order to integrate his styles of thought and competences, he is currently pursuing a PhD at Geneva University under the supervision of Christian Wüthrich and the co-supervision, in Berlin, of Alexander Blum, whose group (Historical Epistemology of the Final Theory Program) he joined in April 2019 to investigate issues at the intersections of physics, mathematics, and history and philosophy of science, with reference to analogical and visual practices in such domains.


Dirac, Wheeler, and Quantum Gravity in the 1950s–60s


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Selected Publications

Furlan, Stefano (2023). “Merging Labyrinths: Leibniz in J. A. Wheeler’s Quest.” Studia Leibnitiana 52.2020 (1/2): 123–155.

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Furlan, Stefano (2022). “Pursuitworthiness Between Daring Conservatism and Procrastination: Wheeler and the Path Towards Black Holes.” Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 96: 174–185.

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Furlan, Stefano and Rocco Gaudenzi (2022). “Looking Stereoscopically at Goethe vs. Newton: Heisenberg and Pauli on the Future of Physics.” In Atti del XLI Convegno annuale: Proceedings of the 41st Annual Conference: Arezzo, 6-9 settembre 2021,…

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Blum, Alexander S. and Stefano Furlan (2022). “How John Wheeler Lost His Faith in the Law.” In Rethinking the Concept of Law of Nature: Natural Order in the Light of Contemporary Science, ed. Y. Ben-Menahem, 283–322. Cham: Springer.…

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