Samir Boumediene

(Sep 2013-Okt 2014)

Ph.D., Université de Lorraine

Samir Boumediene has a BA in History and Geography from Lyon (2006), Master from Lyon (2009), and a PhD completed in October 2013, at the Université de Lorraine. His dissertation was entitled "Avoir et savoir: l'appropriation des plantes médicinales américaines par les Européens (1570–1750)."




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Experimenting Exotic Drugs in Charitable Institutions and Hospitals (Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries)


Past Events

Presentations, Talks, & Teaching Activities

Conocimiento y cuerpo : una historia de los saberes sobre la enfermedad entre América y Europa (ss. 16-18)


Science and Empire in Colonial Spanish America

Université de Paris 1

Medicines, Magics and Powers in Colonial Spanish America

EHESS Marseille

Experimenting Exotic Drugs in Charitable Institutions and Hospitals (16th–18th C.)

MPIWG Berlin

Pharmacopoeia and Colonization: Allegories of the Four Parts of the World and the European Appropriation of Exotic Materia Medica
Un nouveau monde médicinal (1492-1640)

Séminaire du CESR, Tours

The Appropriation of American Medicinal Plants by Europeans (1570-1750)

LSE Workshop on "Trading Medicines: The Global Drug Trade in Perspective"

"Popular" Knowledge in Early modern period

ENS Lyon