Robert Meunier

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (Nov 2021-Jun 2026)


Robert Meunier is a philosopher and historian of the life sciences. His work focuses on the history of genetics and concerns questions of material and conceptual practice in research and the dynamics of scientific change. In 2012 Robert graduated from the PhD program “Foundations of the Life Sciences and their Ethical Consequences,” jointly hosted by the University of Milan and the European School of Molecular Medicine (SEMM).

Since then, he worked at the MPIWG, the Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICI Berlin), the Department of History, LMU Munich, the NarrativeScience Project at LSE, the Department of Philosophy, University of Kassel, and the Institute for History of Medicine and Science Studies, University of Lübeck. As visiting postdoctoral fellow in the MPRG “Practices of Validation in the Biomedical Sciences” at the MPIWG, Robert will scrutinize the notion of “concepts as technologies” with respect to the ways concepts are used by scientists and science studies scholars and regarding conceptual change. Before joining the group, he was the PI in the DFG funded research project “Forms of Practice, Forms of Knowledge – Method, Notation and the Dynamics of Perspectives in the Life Sciences” (August 2018-July 2021) at the University of Kassel. Important results have been published in the article ‘Project knowledge and its resituation in the design of research projects: Seymour Benzer’s behavioral genetics, 1965-1974’ in the journal Studies in History and Philosophy of Science.


Concepts as Technologies: On the Use of Concepts in Biomedical Practice


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Selected Publications

Meunier, Robert (2023). “Zur gesellschaftlichen Relevanz biomedizinischer Forschung.” In ‘Ich lehne mich jetzt mal ganz konkret aus dem Fenster: […]’: eine Festschrift für Thomas Potthast, ed. C. Brand, S. Meisch, D. Frank, and R. Ammicht-Quinn, 531…

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Meunier, Robert (2023). “History, Philosophy, and Science Education: Reflections on Genetics 20 Years after the Human Genome Project. Essay Review of: Kampourakis, Kostas: Making Sense of Genes. Cambridge University Press 2017. Rheinberger, Hans…

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Meunier, Robert (2022). “Research Narratives and Narratives of Nature in Scientific Articles: How Scientists Familiarize Their Communities with New Approaches and Epistemic Objects.” In Narrative Science: Reasoning, Representing and Knowing since…

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