Richard Kremer

Visiting Senior Research Fellow (Sep 2022-Jan 2026)

Prof. Dr.

Richard Kremer has published on a variety of topics in the history of science, including nineteenth-century experimental physiology, Hermann von Helmholtz and color vision, scientific instruments, and early modern astronomy.  Recently, he has co-edited with Jarek Wlodaraczyk (Polish Academy of Sciences) a collection of essays on Kepler (Studia Copernicana, 42). His digital edition of Regiomontanus's Defense of Theon against George of Trebizond (a previously unpublished text uniquely preserved in a St. Petersburg autograph), prepared with Michael Shank, can be accessed in a nearly finished version at And his monograph on The practice of Alfonsine astronomy in the fifteenth century: An analysis of incunable calendars and almanacs, is nearing completion.
Kremer teaches history of science in the Department of History and the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Dartmouth College, where he also curates that college's King Collection of Historic Scientific Instruments. Since 2007 Kremer has served as Reviews Editor for the Journal for the history of astronomy. He sits on the advisory editorial boards of the Studia Copernicana and the Classical Science Press, and served a term from 2007-9 on the editorial board of Isis.



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Thinking about Rows and Columns: On Tables, Writing Formats and the Making and Preserving of Knowledge in Western Astronomy