Noah Stemeroff

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (Sep 2023-Mar 2024)

Selected Publications

Hetzroni, Guy and Noah Stemeroff (2023). “Mathematical Analogies in Physics: The Curious Case of Gauge Symmetries.” In Mathematical Knowledge, Objects and Applications: Essays in Memory of Mark Steiner, ed. C. Posy and Y. Ben-Menahem, 229–262. Cham:…

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Stemeroff, Noah (2021). “Structuralism and the Conformity of Mathematics and Nature.” Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 86: 84–92.

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Buchwald, Jed, Chen-Pang Yeang, Noah Stemeroff, Jenifer Barton, and Quinn Harrington (2021). “What Heinrich Hertz Discovered about Electric Waves in 1887–1888.” Archive for History of Exact Sciences 75 (2): 125–171.…

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