Monica Colominas Aparicio

Visiting Scholar (Mai 2020-Apr 2024)

Prof. Dr.

Mònica is interested in the relationships between Muslims, Jews, and Christians in the Iberian Peninsula, the attitudes toward religious minorities during the Middle Ages, and specially toward the Mudejars, their manuscripts written in Arabic and Inaljamiado (Spanish in Arabic characters), and within the arts. She is particularly interested in poetry and music.

Her research investigates the politics of identity of Muslim minority communities living under Christian rule (mudejars) in the North-East of the Iberian Peninsula in the later Middle Ages. It focuses on Arabic and aljamiado manuscripts from Aragon and Navarre and aims to shed light on the function of polemical writing as a discursive means for the construction of Mudejar identities and social realities in the period of relative tolerance that preceded the forced conversions of the sixteenth century.

In March 2023, Mònica was appointed as professor in the History of Islamic Ideas and Culture in Premodern Europe at the Faculty of Religion, Culture, and Society of the University of Groningen.


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Convivencia. Iberian to Global Dynamics (500–1750)


Natural Philosophy in Medieval Muslim Polemics


Selected Publications

Colominas Aparicio, Mònica (2023). “Religious Persecution and Fear in Muslim and Christian Spain (8th-15c.).” Leidschrift. Historisch Tijdschrift 38 (1): 23–35.

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Colominas Aparicio, Mònica (2022). “Review of: Trillo San José, Carmen: La Vega de Granada a partir de documentación árabe romanceada inédita (1457–1494): estudio, edición e índices. Helsinki: Academia Scientiarum Fennica 2020.” Medieval Encounters…

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Colominas Aparicio, Mònica (2021). “Divine Logos and Translation among Iberian Muslims: From ibn Ḥazm (d. 456h/1064ce) to Aḥmad al-Ḥanafī (d. 1049h/1650ce).” Religions 12 (11, Article 946).

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Colominas Aparicio, Mònica and Jürgen Renn (2021). “Dimensions in the Evolution of Knowledge.” In Wissensoikonomien: Ordnung und Transgression vormoderner Kulturen, ed. N. Schmidt, N. Pissis, and G. Uhlmann, 15–34. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz. https:/…

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