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Liu Shi

Visiting Predoctoral Fellow (Sep 2021-Okt 2021)

Liu Shi is a PhD student studying transcultural art history at the School of Humanities in China Central Academy of Fine Arts. She has been a visiting researcher at the European University Institute in Florence since September 2020. Her PhD research project focuses on Oriental silks and Italian Arts of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries and she is particularly interested in the imported Oriental silks used by churches, secular leaders, and nobles. She also intends to uncover how the Italian silk industry underwent innovative industrial change to meet market demand for oriental silks by imitating and recreating their production. At the MPIWG, she will continue working on her PhD program and investigate the fourteenth-century silk pieces in German museums by analyzing materials, techniques, colours, and pattern designs.


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Oriental Silks and the Italian Arts during the Fourteenth Century